• Statement on the Raising of the New Mississippi Flag

Who We Are
In the spirit of our namesake, Governor William Winter, the William Winter Institute offers programming designed to foster community communications, engage youth leaders and promote civic dialogue on the key issues facing Mississippi and the nation.

Community Building

The Welcome TableTM process helps communities build the relationships necessary to heal systemic challenges, solve civic problems and to bridge long-standing divides.

Youth Engagement

The Summer Youth Institute is a nine-day experiential program for youth to discover the value of diversity and build both leadership and advocacy skills; Summer Youth Institute 2.0 is a reconvening of SYI alumni to maintain their network and strengthen the SYI curriculum.

Policy and Civic Engagement

Rethink MississippiTM is a policy and civic engagement platform for focusing leaders and their constituents on the need for a future based on equity.

Governor William Winter - William Winter Institute

“Wherever I’ve gone, irrespective of racial or cultural differences, I’ve found that people agree on several basic propositions: everybody wants a decent education for their children; everybody wants a fair chance to secure a job that will sustain them and their family; everybody wants to be able to live in a decent house on a safe street; everybody wants access to adequate health care; and everybody wants to be treated with dignity and respect.”

- Governor William Winter

The Winter Institute in Photos

Take a look at some images of past Welcome TableTM, Summer Youth Institutes and civil engagement events.

Mississippi Civil Rights Project logo

An ongoing project to chronicle the extraordinary efforts of local people who organized to combat Mississippi’s Jim Crow segregation, as well as the complex network of white resistance trying to maintain it.

The Winter Institute Blog

News and reports from the William Winter Institute and our program participants.

Statement on the Raising of the New Mississippi Flag

On January 11, 2021, Gov. Tate Reeves signed the new Mississippi flag design into law. Shortly after, the new flag was raised in a ceremony at the state Capitol. Portia Ballard Espy, Executive Director of the Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation, shared this statement: “Today marks a historic day with

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In Memory of Governor William F. Winter

In Memory of Gov. William F. Winter (February 21, 1923 – December 18, 2020) We honor the life and legacy of Governor William Winter, who was the conscience of Mississippi and a stalwart champion of education equity and racial reconciliation. We knew him as a true servant leader and friend

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