Community of the Future Creatives Showcase

Entries are closed for the 2021 showcase.
Thanks to those who submitted art and writing!

Virtual Showcase to include online gallery and video presentation 


About the Showcase

Our nation, our state, and our communities have all experienced some big changes and challenges over the last year. The coronavirus pandemic, the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others, as well as a new state flag and new leadership brought tears, joy, and sometimes confusion. Many of us will never forget that the longest spring break ever turned into months of virtual school.

To reflect on what we can learn from the events of 2020 and early 2021 and envision what comes next, The Winter Institute has invited young people and talented creators, to submit a piece of writing or art for our virtual Community of the Future Creatives Showcase.

We will share submissions in a variety of ways, including on our website and social media, and in a virtual showcase event where several awards will be announced. First and second place winners in each category will be invited to read or perform their work, or have it performed by others.



 High School Prizes Middle School Prizes 
Essay or Poem
1st Place$200$1505 Regional Honorable Mentions
2nd Place$100$100
Visual Art or Performance Art
1st Place$200$1505 Regional Honorable Mentions
2nd Place$100$100

Showcase Guidelines

  1. The showcase is open to current middle and high school students.
  2. A committee of community members will award prizes based on these criteria for submissions:
    • Addresses the prompt
    • Adheres to length limits
    • Expresses thoughts and emotions, including any pain and suffering, without hate toward others
    • Respects the dignity of every human being
    • No content beyond PG-13, please!
  3. Winners will be contacted in advance of the Virtual Showcase via the contact information in their applications.
  4. By submitting your work, you give your permission for The Winter Institute to use it  — with attribution to you — in our organizational materials, promotional materials, and online platforms.

Once you submit your work, we’ll keep you up to date and notify winners via the contact information provided. Email any questions to Von Gordon at